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Top 10 Porn Stars
Year 2013, Mid Year Report
Source: Mec Chocolat

This list was HARD. When I sat down to pick out my favourite porn stars, the list ended up with 50 of the Best of the Best.

  1.  Adam Herst
  2. Adam Killian
  3. Alex Christensen
  4. Alex Marte
  5. Andrew Stark
  6. Austin Wolfe
  7. Bastian, Chaos Men
  8. Big Beef
  9. Brenden Cage
  10. Cayden Ross
  11. Charlie Roberts aka Reece
  12. Chase Young
  13. Chaz, Active Duty
  14. Chip Tanner
  15. Colby Keller
  16. Connor Habib
  17. Connor Kline
  18. Damien Crosse
  19. Dean Coxx
  20. Dean Skye
  21. Eric Pryor
  22. Gabriel Clark
  23. Jack Simmons
  24. James Huntsman
  25. Jeffry Branson
  26. John Magnum
  27. Johnny Lee
  28. Kevin Falk
  29. Kurt Rogers
  30. Landon, Sean Cody
  31. Lucas Fox
  32. Marc Scalvo
  33. Marc Williams
  34. Marcus, Masquerade Men
  35. Marcus Ruhl
  36. Mathieu Laffite
  37. Matthew Rush
  38. Mike West
  39. Mitch Vaughn
  40. Nick Sterling
  41. Noah Brooks
  42. Parker, Chaos Men
  43. Peto Coast
  44. Race Cooper
  45. Rick Bauer
  46. Ruff Rider/Francesco Macedo
  47. Tad Harrison
  48. Tanner, Corbin Fisher
  49. Tony Michaels
  50. Wataru

I had to pair the list down to 25 then to 20 then to 15, 12 and finally 10. Extremely difficult. Butt in the end, if any of the above guys are listed as a star in an upcoming scene release, I WANT TO SEE IT.

This list unlike the others is really reflective of society. It includes caucasian, asian, hispanic and black porn stars. Excellent.

Why is this so sexy to me ? 😘😘😍😍

Why is this so sexy to me ? 😘😘😍😍